The Wingman

20Pcs Wings and Drumlets

Available in
Essen at the Pinnacle
and Timbre+
Jeremy Loh, founder & owner of Two Wings, has proven to be a maestro at breathing new life into his well-loved local brand. Based on his great granduncle’s recipe from the 1970s, Jeremy constantly sook to improve on every aspect of his famous chicken wings at every step of his journey.
Home-made Chilli Sauce

Expect nothing but honest standards of quality from a man who tediously crafted his own spicier chicken-rice type chilli sauce, rejecting simpler options in favour of providing the best option for his loyal customers.

About Two Wings

Timbre+ outlet

About Two Wings Armed with his granduncle’s secret 40-year old recipe, Jeremy started Two Wings in the hope of bringing this special recipe that has been passed down for generations to greater heights. Training extensively in the myriad ways of wing-fu with the master, Jeremy emerged as a man ready to take down Singapore with a recipe that has been tweaked to accommodate to modern taste-buds and yet still retains its original flavors.

Essen at the Pinnacle outlet

Two Wings has always stood by the credo of using premium ingredients and practices. The chicken served here is only fried upon ordering to ensure that freshness is guaranteed. When Jeremy is not grappling with making sure that his granduncle’s recipe is being properly honoured, he is meticulously massaging the wings every morning to remove the excess overnight marinade. Toss in a dash of premium sesame oil along with a secret batter; All of these result in a delicious take-two hit combo of chicken wings that are crispy and non-greasy even after a few hours.

The brand’s humble beginnings started in 2013 out of a canteen stall in Kallang. Used to served loyal customer at Essen at Pinnacle and expanded at Timbre Plus with the latest addition at PoMo Mall. Today, Two Wings is recognised as the place to get your nostalgic whiff of 1970s fried chicken with a touch of modern dining ambience.